A touch,
Just a touch,
Not too little,
Not too much,
To sparkle your imagination,
To open your eyes to the occasion,
Sprinkle it on what you believe,
That can only be seen in everlasting dreams.

Not a soul knows what the fairies mix. They do it in secret at twilight, all we know is it is a fruity, super sweet delicacy.

Delicious Strawberry, a touch of apple and juicy pear, all finished with a creamy dreaminess that's indescribable.

This artisan juice comes in a 70/30 Blend of VG/PG, your choice of Nicotine Level.

Available in the following levels of Nicotine:
0MG, 3mg, 6MG, 12MG

Fairy Dust Elixir

Nic Level
  • No Refunds or Returns

The End of the Vapor Industry is dangerously close to a reality. It was a valiant fight, though few of us stood up to actually do battle. We are eternally grateful to our customers for 8 great years in a wonderful industry. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN TO SMOKING. This is exactly what the FDA wants. Remember JUUL, VUSE, BLU, ALL SALT NICOTINES & similar ARE MANUFACTURED BY BIG TOBACCO & Have funded the end of countless livelihoods in the Vape Industry. Many 10s of thousands of jobs will be lost in communities across the entire US.

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